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29.03.2017 Wouter T

Bring steven back permanently!

28.03.2017 Steve J

Duff and steven are in better shape lol

25.03.2017 vince l

Matt is a poser

23.03.2017 King Edward

Awesome, i m so happy for steven. Now, get the original five in the studio and record an album.

22.03.2017 UTubeFuhrer

Adler, izzy, must be added back. If not, chow!

20.03.2017 jimmy fabs

Steven adler has been waiting to jam with guns again for a very long time. I m happy for him. Hope he s included a lot more in the future.

19.03.2017 Dont play well with others!

Fuck ya steven kills it hes still a badass drummer

16.03.2017 Dont play well with others!

Axl is a fat ass here i was praying he wouldn t fall

14.03.2017 daredevil7442

Axle is such a bitch. . . .

13.03.2017 Jonas Hopson

He s burnt up

10.03.2017 timthepainter1

Really is so boring and passe zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

08.03.2017 Ben Albert

Get rid of the current drummer and get steve back he is and always has been the guns n roses drummer

06.03.2017 Christopher Rankin

Thanks, axl! How cool to let steven participate! That was the best show that i had seen since !

04.03.2017 baltapaulaxl

Is great how steve keeps his playing tight and fresh, maybe he didn t improve but, he can keep the beat still

02.03.2017 Dante Wigman

Steven looked so happy!

28.02.2017 CRASHMAGNET

His snare sound and cymbals hits are so much their sound.

25.02.2017 CRASHMAGNET

They need to get steven back permanuatly, they sound like themselves.

24.02.2017 Fator Medo

Atheist experience?

23.02.2017 EstoniaANTICOMMUNIST

They must do it for fans. Nothing else matters! Hope they do new tour with metallica too but why the hell axl wearing t shirt with text bitch is back? Adler? ?

20.02.2017 Brandonwoundpickups

I was there. I ll never forget. Yrs old and finally saw gnr the right way.

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