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10.04.2017 Joseph Crowell

An amazing video, would make anyone visit such a great city, thanks very much.

08.04.2017 сатанинский феккалоид

Super! ! ! Молодець! ! !

05.04.2017 777dingo

Do most of the people speak english there?

03.04.2017 Paulo Artilheiro

I was in kyiv, twice now, and i agree with you, it is such an amazing place. Beauty is everywhere. On the monuments and in people, on the food. Except on the roads and on the taxi drivers. But it is like that everywhere.

01.04.2017 Holofag

Thx u

31.03.2017 COMMON SENSE

Those ukrainian girls seem to have the best bodies on average, the right proportions, height, weight, and strong too, well fed and athletic not just starved. However i m not sure if the faces are the best, some are very good though. I love how feminine most young women are. The west is full of wide stanced, pant wearing, angry, shaved headed, chubby, man hating feminists. God bless eastern europe.

28.03.2017 ardschuna88

Fuck evil soros!

27.03.2017 Hadia Aria

Whats the name of the song that plays in the beginning? Btw great video with lots of facts! About to visit kiev in about weeks

24.03.2017 Cmd Ctrl

Wow the women are so beautiful . I live in america and i m not attracted to white women because they are all fat. . . But these women, i find attractive!

22.03.2017 Roma Kureiko

What a great video! Very informative and inspiring. I also loved the speech at the end. P. S. One correction the name of the city is properly written kyiv due to a communist past, transliteration was different that time. Also many historical names you described here with a wrong old transliteration. I can easily help you to fix it if you are interested. Thank you again for visiting beautiful kyiv and for such a warm words

19.03.2017 artlover5000

Great video! Would love to visit kiev.

17.03.2017 I'mAndru

Hours per day days per week i worded for the last years so try again and im in the uk uk is just shit

15.03.2017 stephen tarr

Good video i will be there next weekend

14.03.2017 IND 007

Ukraine whorehouse of the world!

11.03.2017 coltgti

Everything you say about kiev herald is absolutely spot on. My wife is russian, she now lives here in britain with me, however, due to spiraling costs of travelling to russia, visa applications, etc, etc, we used kiev a couple of times as a base to meet, since it was easy for her to travel too and for myself too. This city is the greatest city i have ever been to. Its beautiful, friendly, and for its size, very clean. We spent alot of time walking around the city, even at night and around suburbs. We even bought our wedding rings from this great city. If anyone is considering visiting kiev, dont consider it, just do it, you ll be pleased you did. See you again soon kiev.

09.03.2017 Silversurfer


07.03.2017 Kekistani Kekfrog

Quite the contrast! Moscow has no party bars like in ukraine and yet ukraine is suffering from the same economic problems that the rest of the west is suffering from. Ukraine s days as it s own nation are numbered. Ukraine will be a russian province again by ad.

05.03.2017 27th

Europe s greatest city? ? ? ? ? Harald, you must go out more. . .

04.03.2017 Kekistani Kekfrog


02.03.2017 Processing Vessel

Who is the music by at to

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