Сеул туры из аэропорта

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16.03.2017 mohdnaserhussain naser

Beautiful airport

14.03.2017 Afroze AL Fuad Mazumder

What about the trip report

13.03.2017 Aviation Videos

I like your airport tours. Asian airports seems to have a lot more shopping possibilites then european. Great review and what a stunning view out of the apron with all this traffic.

12.03.2017 KhunPaulflyer

Nice video maxi and maro. I had been in icn twice in the flights from sea to icn then icn to hkg and return to icn then to sea on asiana. Nice airport in seoul. In june, i am flying to thailand to see my girlfriend nee and son rondale for two weeks. I will be flying ana dreamliner. I haven t flown ana for almost years lol

11.03.2017 Yannis Moutafis

That is a magnificent airport report. Incheon looks modern and passenger friendly airport i pressume. Spectacular video.

09.03.2017 Niilo Raappana

Excellent video as always liked!

08.03.2017 Manuel Lopes

Excellent. Tks for the time at incheon airport my wife would kill me if i made her walk as much as maro. .

07.03.2017 99carnot

Great tour i learned a lot! Enjoyed your narration!

04.03.2017 Steve Lewis Video Channel.

Really liked icn what a great airport. . . Another good job by you both. . . . Best wishes. . . . Steve.

01.03.2017 RJnSD

Greetings maxi and maro! Very nice comprehensive tour of incheon airport. If i ever fly into incheon in the future, i ll know everything about the airport, thanks to both of you! Hope all is well in your part of the world. Take care, ron

28.02.2017 mylosairplanefan

What a good lookign airport from inside! Fantastic video again, nice work mate!

25.02.2017 John Nolewajka

Great video. I m doing a transfer in icn in weeks and this helped greatly. One question. . . When you landed as a transfer, did you have to fill out any paperwork or just security?

22.02.2017 Lee Seung Jae

Theclothing you questioned at is a traditional korean police pojol in korean outfit used during the chosen dynasty.

20.02.2017 Zarifah Zahirah Juanis

Thanks for the video. I will go to seoul in march, it really helps me to get know the icn airport. I from malaysia.

18.02.2017 Traveller

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17.02.2017 yesica kim

This video is rally cool. It s the best i ve ever seen. Thank you

14.02.2017 Ryan I.

Is that piano playing hey, soul sister by train?

12.02.2017 agustingabe

Traveling to seoul next summer i ve been worried if the airport was going to be confusing, but this video really cleared all worries for me. Amazing video you two thanks so much for the tour! Keep up the great work!

10.02.2017 Alatáriël Felagund

Excellent quality video! ! One of the few best i ve seen!

07.02.2017 Dao Gia Vy

I m going to fly to vietnam this july and have a hours layover at this airport. Your video is really helpful for me to get the feel of this airport. Thank you! P s are there many places that i can eat authentic korean food at the airport?

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