Спутник туры на один день

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24.05.2017 Iplay Letzplayz

No one will talk about how good this song is

23.05.2017 Scar The Huskey Boy

T h e b a t h

21.05.2017 MAD MAN

T h e b a t h

19.05.2017 Epic Dominic12

Song start at

17.05.2017 Evan'a, Vids

The bath

16.05.2017 Tribal Zucchini

Looks at hanging rope on my ceiling me not today old friend, the gorillaz are back

13.05.2017 childmurderer

Is this cars

12.05.2017 Captain Melvin Seahorse

Seriously though, would it kill them to vacuum

09.05.2017 Derek Benson

It looks like murdoc was genuinely enjoying his bhatth

08.05.2017 C3lcho0d369

Not my comment i don t know who said this but my favorite comment was when they said someone what genre of music is gorillaz? Me the bath

05.05.2017 Brittany Blacknall

I swear i really need to know. . Whats that song hes singing in the vry beginning? ? ? Its the main reason ill listen to the music vid

03.05.2017 GLaDOS

As a disney fan, i love watching cgi animated monsters sing!

02.05.2017 Dermotius

The bath

30.04.2017 Rasberry the Memer

T h e b a f f

28.04.2017 sophie van de weg

I just dont like it idk

27.04.2017 Niromanti

This song s really grown on me

26.04.2017 Lewis Forbes

The monster that attacks russel is black. The pizza is probably jamaican. The windy alien that attacks noodle is probably a white rapper like eminem

23.04.2017 happy trash

Wait a goddamn minute ok so in like phase three plastic beach i think wasn t there like a villain that appeared with the black clouds? ? ? I m still king of new to the fandom so shh and when murdoc ranged the doorbell didn t the black clouds roll in? That could be cuz the house is haunted but idk it s am so ur

20.04.2017 tx

It pains me that there are a shit ton of honestly terrible songs that have billion views but this doesn t even have mil.

19.04.2017 DisneyMagicDreamer85

Honestly the only thing i wanna know is this does spirit house have. . . A pool? What kind of trip would that be like? ! ?

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