Туры из н новгорода в сан

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27.02.2017 Sudip Barua

People listen to shit like kodak black and lil yachty lmfao ed sheeran baby you re the fucking best. Thank you for saving our entire music culture

24.02.2017 Las Páginas de Alex

I saw him days ago in mexico city, he was just as magnificent. The way he constructs the music right in front of you it s just sublime.

22.02.2017 lea mendoza jeri

Adorable ed sheeran

21.02.2017 Mae Silapan

When god pour talent ed sheeran got it all. . Love him!

19.02.2017 James Hicks

Some say they re still singing those oh s to this day

16.02.2017 Stella Hesketh

Yaeahhh. . . Wooo. . .

15.02.2017 Sheerio Korea

Percent of the views are mine

12.02.2017 EisenErzLP

The screaming and the phones make me so agressiv. . .

11.02.2017 Dany Pan

He is so talented, he does not need anything than his guitar and maybe a looper

09.02.2017 Gary Inman

Ed is the fucking king of the world whitey

07.02.2017 Mateus Almeida

Ed sheran vc toca de mais e canta bem parabens

06.02.2017 Medical

Oh man, that was an hour and a half. Wow

03.02.2017 VivaValdez


01.02.2017 WAXE

This is exactly how i m listening to this. Can t imagine how it was on live stage.

31.01.2017 Facundo Sanchez

Ya son semanas que te vi, y cmo te extrao colorado mufa

28.01.2017 Kseniya Magitman


27.01.2017 Facundo Cardinal

His voice during the i see fire intro was a little bit ruined.

25.01.2017 Lotty

Ed still sounds great live but he often sounds out of breath in . This concert here was his prime

23.01.2017 Sean Davis

The way he handles the loop pedal is magnificent.

20.01.2017 Craig Evan

Omg. . U are right the crowd can sing this is amazing he can beatbox play guitar sing and do soo much more. . . . Breath taking. . .

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