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19.02.2017 ashvoj

It looks like winter weather

18.02.2017 cutelab

Hey darren, you never get bored with pizza? I noticed that you always eat pizza around the world! Lol

16.02.2017 proboy danny

Can i get you private email please

14.02.2017 kanishk bakshi

Awesome! You should try khardung la in northern indian himalayas, it is the highest motorable path of the world! Its a tough one, physical and mental challenge in a beautiful place! Eastern himalayas are also beautiful , they have there own charm and is a different demographic place in the same country! Himalaya is a very beautiful place with tough edges and a new experience at every corner!

13.02.2017 Dennis1987

Min you can seperate the frame?

10.02.2017 Peter Sasaran

Hello you are great bravo! ! !

08.02.2017 Michał Górka

Real vegetables man, no gmo stuff ike in usa.


Nice video, i like it.

05.02.2017 mikieson

Dang. . . Good video. .

02.02.2017 Hiola99

Hey dude how much money you spend per day?

31.01.2017 Circular Gates

Great tour! I am from romania, born and raised. . . I had the impression you might be romanian yourself. . . You look like one! Lol you have just convinced me to do a biking tour there. . .

30.01.2017 Kim Fredericks

Beautiful teeth but he can t pronounce languages very well lol. . . He s a nice person though and i always wished i could do what he s doing, but i m too old now. Mid s. How does he get all the money to do this?

29.01.2017 Kim Fredericks

I like to be vegetarian also but i have to eat some meat every now and then. I feel so sorry for animals.

27.01.2017 junelopez215

Great video!

26.01.2017 cobra3289

Great video. Romania looks nice.

23.01.2017 schlooonginator

Poor doggy. The one thing that would bother me on these trips is seeing all the poorly rreated pets. For some reason i can stomach human suffering but animals? Nope. It seems like a huge problem in non western nations. . . Hell its bad enough here but there its an epidemic.

21.01.2017 Patric J

Hi darren, i have seen several of your videos and really like them! But i react over that you cover your face before your knees. For me long before i need to cover the face i need to protect my knees. Below deg celsius i want to have long pants and if it is snowy weather i need long underwear and some wind proof pants on that. By the way i heard that you are heading along to north of sweden again soon! You are welcome and i wish you a better experience than earlier time. Best greetings from boden, sweden. Patric

19.01.2017 rodrigo fernandez

Love when you do phew. . . . . . . . . . . . Shoooooooo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

17.01.2017 Darth Schumy

Hello and welcome to fgra, romania. I will be your tour guide today. My name is darren. We ll do a quick spin around darren spins degrees aaaaand that s the whole city! Alright, thanks for coming guys and i hope you enjoyed your stay. That was a classic witty and very very funny! Romania is a beautiful country and your video is inspiring to watch. Thankyou for uploading this. It seems a very cheap place to explore.

16.01.2017 danahsutton101

I bet you have a great collection of road kill photos!

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